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Rules o' Parley (Forum Etiquette)

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Rules o' Parley (Forum Etiquette)

Postby rockpapercynic » Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:36 am

Welcome, it's awesome to have you here!

Newcomer policy: Oh, so we like new people! Just make sure you post in the first two weeks after joining, otherwise your account will be marked for deletion because of the interminable spam war. It's okay even if you just say "I'm no spambot, I'm a real girl/boy!"

Offensive content policy: If you're going to post something you think might be understood as offensive or especially crude, please cover all offensive material with the spolier tag, and preface with words to the effect of:

"The following joke could well offend a lot of people. Please only read on if you're comfortable with that:"

It's your responsibility to warn people, it's their responsibility to decide whether or not to read.

I respect the right to free speech in public spaces, but because what is said here reflects on my comic, there are comments I'd rather not see, even in spoilers: comments that incite hate, violence, or negative judgment on a gender, religion, race, or sexual orientation.

If you violate that, the Captains will have a look at what happened (were you intending to insult, or to just make a joke, or to incite hate?). If we think the comment was accidental, or not accompanied by intent to offend, we'll give you a warning. If the comment is deemed sufficiently malicious, we'll place a ban on your account. A repeat violation will also result in a ban. I'm not saying those comments are wrong, I'm just saying I'd like not to associate them with my comic.

I have no restrictions on swearing, but I feel like if you want to communicate your point best, save your curses for when they'll be most effective. Try not to point them at people. In fact, here are some tactics for fun/tactful foruming:
-The less you swear, the more effective it will be when you do.
-Point your anger at issues, not people.
-Make your disagreements informative, not inflammatory.
-Know when a fight is past salvaging, and stop.
-Mark links NSFW if they aren't safe to look at while at work.
-Read around a little before posting.
-Make your posts mostly legible.
-Put embedded YouTube videos and large images in spoiler tags to make loading pages easier.
-If you can, avoid font colour with the hex code 008000 since it's what mods use.

Anyway, have fun fun fun! I know I'm going to!

-The Cap'n
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