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Civ V - Federation

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Civ V - Federation

Postby Haragorn » Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:47 am

This is based on this idea from the Goblins forums. We're going to be playing Civ V, cooperatively, together. I will upload screenshots of the world map every turn, and any other information on request. There are a limited number of slots for play to start with, but many more will open up as the game progresses. You don't need to be familiar with the game or the series to play, but it might help. There's lots of information here.

I'll be running two different versions of this game, with different roles. In this version, each city operates autonomously. There is only one type of player in this version of the game, the Mayor. This version is probably less confusing, but we'll see how things play out.

The Mayor has complete control over his city, but all major decisions, like declarations of war, trades, Policies, and Technologies, are decided by vote. A mayor controls all units produced by his city, except Settlers. A Settler is effectively a new Mayor. If there are people on the Waiting List, the first person will have immediate control over the new Settler. If the waiting list is blank, the Mayor who produced the Settler will retain control until someone else wants to play.

Since this is experimental, this first game will be short and quick, with random parameters and a small world. It will serve both as a test of the system and an introduction to you guys.

Roles are chosen on a first come, first served basis. The four Advisor roles must be filled first. After that, a waiting list for mayors will be started.

Remember, you're all on the same side. It's a team effort.

1. Gojoe
Waiting List---
2. Cloudrunner56
3. Joko
4. AtrecRandier

After the start of a turn, players will be given one week to make their moves. If it is the first turn for a player, and they miss it, they will be dumped down a spot on the waiting list, and the next person in line will take over that settler, and another week will be given. If all players have taken their turn, I'll continue the game, regardless of how much time is left. It is possible to queue up actions in advance.

This is the starting setup for the game.
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Re: Civ V - Federation

Postby Gojoe » Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:09 am

I would be in for this.
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Re: Civ V - Federation

Postby Cloudrunner56 » Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:46 am

I'll give it a go
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Re: Civ V - Federation

Postby Joko » Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:36 am

Why not.
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Re: Civ V - Federation

Postby AtrecRandier » Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:48 am

I'm in.
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Re: Civ V - Federation

Postby Haragorn » Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:48 pm

Turn 1
Both starting units belong to Gojoe, unless he decides to let someone else start.
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Re: Civ V - Federation

Postby Haragorn » Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:53 am

Gojoe's gotten started.
<Gojoe> so. bored.
<Haragorn_> Take your turn in Civ
<Haragorn_> Gojoe
<Gojoe> k
<Haragorn_> If you have any questions, ask
<Gojoe> oh whoops
<Gojoe> sorry I didnt see your last post in the game
<Gojoe> sorry
<Gojoe> I dont get it
<Gojoe> I dont know what any of the dots or symbols mean
<Gojoe> am i yellow?
<Haragorn_> There are two general types of units
<Haragorn_> Military and civilian
<Haragorn_> Civilians are marked by triangles
<Haragorn_> military units are either circles or sheilds, depending on whether they're garrisoned
<Haragorn_> there are two units right now
<Haragorn_> the flag in a triangle is a settler
<Haragorn_> it can found a city
<Gojoe> okay
<Haragorn_> the other unit, the circle with an axe, is a warrior
<Gojoe> the axe is my attacker?
<Gojoe> how do I make more units?
<Haragorn_> with a city
<Gojoe> found a town?
<Haragorn_> yes
<Haragorn_> the dots on the map are resources
<Haragorn_> yellow is money, green is food, orange is production
<Haragorn_> there's also blue for science and purple for color, but not right now
<Gojoe> whta does production do?
<Haragorn_> that is how much work gets done per turn
<Gojoe> make units?
<Haragorn_> yes
<Haragorn_> each city has a certain number of citizens
<Gojoe> so I want to build my first city on a hex that has lots of dots on it
<Haragorn_> the number increases from food
<Haragorn_> yes, probably
<Gojoe> so for instance, I would want to move to the hex that has my attacker in it
<Gojoe> and found my city there
<Haragorn_> sure
<Gojoe> or actually
<Gojoe> one to the west
<Gojoe> so I get a production resource
<Gojoe> I dont know how important each resource is
<Haragorn_> that hex would be worked for free, but any other hex that you want to use would require a citizen
<Haragorn_> maybe you should let someone else go first
<Gojoe> oh
<Haragorn_> you start off with the spaces directly adjoining your city belonging to you
<Haragorn_> you can gradually get more
<Gojoe> are black hexes just covered by fog of war?
<Haragorn_> yeah
<Gojoe> what re the options I can do with those two units?
<Gojoe> I assume I can either move
<Gojoe> or build a city
<Gojoe> with my citizen
<Haragorn_> gotta fire up the game, then I can post screenshots
<Gojoe> kk
<Haragorn_> ... 231428.jpg
<Haragorn_> The white space is where the settler could move this turn
<Haragorn_> his other options are to build a city where he is, or do nothing
<Haragorn_> ... 231539.jpg
<Haragorn_> That's the stuff for that warrior
<Haragorn_> You can tell him to automatically explore, if you want
<Haragorn_> or do nothing, of course
<Gojoe> okay
<Gojoe> what I want to do I think
<Gojoe> build a town where my citizen is
<Gojoe> and move my warrior one space to the west
<Haragorn_> okay
<Haragorn_> now there's more stuff you need to do
<Gojoe> oh?
<Haragorn_> Choose production and technology
<Haragorn_> ... 231917.jpg
<Haragorn_> You can start building any of those things, except a new settler
<Gojoe> I will make a scout
<Haragorn_> Okay
<Haragorn_> ... 232057.jpg
<Haragorn_> You need to choose which technology you will start to research
<Haragorn_> The symbols tell you what your different advisors reccommend
<Haragorn_> shield is military, triangle is scientific, and diamond is economic
<Haragorn_> the symbols in a row tell you what you are then able to produce
<Haragorn_> I can give you more information on any technology
<Gojoe> What does animal husbandry do?
<Haragorn_> Allows workers to construct pastures on COWS and SHEEP (which you currently have none of)
<Haragorn_> also reveals HORSES, which are used for mounted units
<Gojoe> how do you get cows and sheep?
<Gojoe> and what are they used for?
<Haragorn_> see the bigger symbols on the map?
<Haragorn_> those are resources
<Gojoe> the big circles?
<Haragorn_> yes
<Gojoe> oh right
<Gojoe> what is mine?
<Gojoe> a backpack?
<Gojoe> i have 2 backpacks?
<Haragorn_> sugar
<Haragorn_> and you can't access them right now
<Gojoe> used for cooking i assume
<Haragorn_> no
<Gojoe> trade?
<Haragorn_> they can be
<Haragorn_> they also improve happiness
<Haragorn_> there are two types of resource: strategic, and luxury
<Haragorn_> strategic are things like horses and iron
<Haragorn_> they're needed to build certain units
<Haragorn_> luxury resources make your people happier
<Gojoe> why do I want that?
<Haragorn_> they can also be traded to other empires
<Gojoe> (them to be happy I mean)
<Haragorn_> happier people enter a golden age quicker
<Haragorn_> in a golden age, you have better productivity and money
<Haragorn_> also, if you have negative happiness, units don't fight as well
<Gojoe> okay
<Gojoe> how do I get horses?
<Haragorn_> construct a pasture on a tile with horses
<Gojoe> do i find them like the sheep?
<Haragorn_> you can't see horses right now
<Gojoe> kk
<Haragorn_> but when you have Animal Husbandry, yes
<Gojoe> okay
<Gojoe> I will do animal husbandry
<Haragorn_> okay
<Gojoe> I will trust my advisors
<Haragorn_> okay
<Haragorn_> next turn
<Gojoe> I will leave it to you to update?
<Haragorn_> yeah
<Gojoe> how would I normally update?
<Gojoe> just pm you?
<Haragorn_> just post what you want to do
<Haragorn_> or tell me here
<Gojoe> kk
<Gojoe> now that my turn is over
<Gojoe> was my move okay?
<Haragorn_> yeah
<Haragorn_> ... 233203.jpg
<Haragorn_> next turn
<Haragorn_> your warrior needs orders
<Haragorn_> just so you know, there are benefits to early exploration
<Gojoe> what are the options?
<Haragorn_> same as before
<Gojoe> oh he can move again you mean
<Haragorn_> yeah
<Gojoe> is it not someone elses turn?
<Gojoe> I assume their are baddies around in the black somewhere?
<Haragorn_> those happened automatically
<Haragorn_> yes
<Haragorn_> well, not necessarily baddies
<Haragorn_> you can cooperate with them
<Gojoe> what does the 1 by me mean?
<Gojoe> why didnt it go to someone else's turn?
<Haragorn_> ignore it
<Haragorn_> that's just because I have to right click to show where it can move
<Haragorn_> so it says that I can get there in 1 turn
<Gojoe> Do I always get to move warriors twice?
<Haragorn_> it's not twice
<Haragorn_> it's a new turn
<Haragorn_> this is the second turn
<Gojoe> did anyone else get a first turn?
<Haragorn_> if you mean two tiles, it depends
<Haragorn_> nobody else in the thread
<Gojoe> why not?
<Haragorn_> there aren't any other cities yet
<Gojoe> I have to discover them?
<Haragorn_> whenever you make a new settler, somebody else will get to start playing
<Haragorn_> for the first little bit, though, it'll just be you
<Gojoe> do mountains impede my movement speed?
<Haragorn_> you can't cross mountains
<Wrydryn> Don't cross the plasma streams
<Gojoe> and as a bit of advice, is it bad to stray from my city?
<Gojoe> i mean he is my only defence atm
<Haragorn_> not really
<Haragorn_> there are barbarians
<Haragorn_> but your city can shoot at them
<Gojoe> k
<Gojoe> ill go south west 2 hexes
<Haragorn_> you can't
<Haragorn_> that one is just sand
<Haragorn_> you can go SW one hex
<Gojoe> can I go south 2?
<Gojoe> its white
<Gojoe> into that forest
<Haragorn_> yes
<Gojoe> that has 2 green resources on it
<Haragorn_> okay, next turn
<Gojoe> k
<Gojoe> how do I make settlers?
<Gojoe> it was greyed out
<Haragorn_> you need at least 2 citizens
<Gojoe> okay
<Gojoe> ill make that a priority
<Wrydryn> uhh
<Wrydryn> Civilization?
<Haragorn_> yes
<Wrydryn> Cool
<Haragorn_> ... 234037.jpg
<Gojoe> wanna help me Wrydryn ?
<Wrydryn> which one?
<Haragorn_> Civ V
<Haragorn_> new turn
<Wrydryn> How can I help?
<Gojoe> I dunno
<Gojoe> im not actually playing
<Gojoe> well kinda
<Gojoe> im telling Haragorn_ what I want to do
<Gojoe> and he does it and sends me screen shots
<Gojoe> offer me tatical advice i guess
<Haragorn_> viewtopic.php?f=16&t=844
<Haragorn_> this thread
<Gojoe> you see that hex to the east of me that has that circle in it
<Gojoe> what what resource is that circle?
<Haragorn_> the one with 1 food 2 production 1 gold?
<Haragorn_> that's sheep
<Gojoe> yes
<Gojoe> if I walk into that hex do I get a sheep?
<Haragorn_> no
<Gojoe> :(
* Gojoe likes sheep
<Haragorn_> you get resources by working them with a city
<Gojoe> i have to get a builder man down there?
<Gojoe> how do i do this thing?
<Gojoe> time out
<Haragorn_> see the orange border around your city?
<Gojoe> just so I am sure
<Gojoe> next turn or something
<Gojoe> I get a scout
<Gojoe> and I can send him all over
<Gojoe> then once he is made
<Haragorn_> in 2 turns
<Gojoe> i can make something else
<Haragorn_> yes
<Gojoe> like some type of worker
<Haragorn_> yes
<Gojoe> that can expand my city
<Haragorn_> workers are civilians that improve tiles
<Haragorn_> they don't expand your city
<Gojoe> what is the point of sending my warrior all over?
<Haragorn_> you can see more of the map
<Haragorn_> also
<Gojoe> am i picking up the resources i step on?
<Haragorn_> you can discover ruins that give you cool stuff
<Haragorn_> no
<Gojoe> :(
<Gojoe> and you see those smaller looking mountains
<Gojoe> can i cross them?
<Haragorn_> yes
<Haragorn_> those are hills
<Gojoe> this changes everything
<Gojoe> ill move two to the west
<Gojoe> bye sheep
<Haragorn_> Ruins discovered!
<Gojoe> woohoo
<Gojoe> what does this do
<Haragorn_> when you enter them, you get something
<Haragorn_> could be a free technology
<Wrydryn> Don't do it
<Haragorn_> could be better weapons for your unit
<Wrydryn> It's a trap
<Haragorn_> could be new citizens
<Wrydryn> citizens hiding in the ruins?
<Gojoe> could it be a bad thing?
<Haragorn_> no
<Haragorn_> ... 234855.jpg
<Haragorn_> I suggest you move 1 space west
<Haragorn_> to get the goodies from the ruins
<Gojoe> ill do it
<Gojoe> just out of curiosity, do you know where everythign is? or are you as surprised as we are?
<Haragorn_> I'm as surprised as you are
<Haragorn_> ... 235012.jpg
<Haragorn_> that's what the ruins did for you
<Haragorn_> that tile to the west has an encampment
<Gojoe> uhoh!
<Gojoe> barbarians!
<Haragorn_> if you capture it, you get money
<Gojoe> But I could die
<Gojoe> (I assume)
<Haragorn_> you could
<Haragorn_> but you can heal
<Haragorn_> barbarians can't
<Gojoe> oh, do I have a scout yet?
<Haragorn_> not yet
<Haragorn_> ... 235215.jpg
<Haragorn_> those two tiles in the middle of nowhere are encampments
<Haragorn_> okay, next turn
<Haragorn_> your scout is ready
<Haragorn_> and you can choose a new production
<Haragorn_> ... 235337.jpg
<Gojoe> can i have a new screen shot?
<Gojoe> what do workers do?
<Haragorn_> workers improve tiles
<Haragorn_> so they give better stuff
<Gojoe> can them make sheep appear?
<Haragorn_> ie more food or something
<Haragorn_> no
<Gojoe> so no matter what I do
<Gojoe> I can not have sheep
<Gojoe> or horses
<Gojoe> so animal husbandry was wasted >.>
<Haragorn_> you might have horses
<Gojoe> how?
<Haragorn_> you can't see them yet
<Gojoe> how do I get to see them?
<Gojoe> these magical horses
<Haragorn_> finish animal husbandry
<Gojoe> how do I do that?
<Haragorn_> you will
<Haragorn_> in 2 turns
<Gojoe> just wait? Is it being built now?
<Haragorn_> yes
<Gojoe> so be honest
<Haragorn_> it's being researched
<Gojoe> it was pretty useless to choose animal husbandry huh
<Haragorn_> no
<Haragorn_> each technology leads to others
<Gojoe> oh okay
<Gojoe> so this turn, I need to choose a new person to build
<Gojoe> and move warrior and scout
<Gojoe> is that correct?
<Haragorn_> or a building
<Gojoe> what does a monument do?
<Gojoe> are scouts civilians?
<Haragorn_> scouts are military
<Gojoe> damn
<Haragorn_> monuments are -1 gold +2 culture
<Gojoe> workers are civies?
<Haragorn_> yes
<Gojoe> does culture help me go to the next age?
<Haragorn_> culture lets you get new social policies
<Haragorn_> and expand your territory
<Gojoe> that means I could keep expanding until I have sheep?
<Gojoe> >.>
<Haragorn_> theoretically
<Gojoe> okay I will make a worker
<Gojoe> move scout as far north as i can
<Gojoe> and i lost my screenshot of where my barb can move
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<Gojoe> do you think my single warrior could win against those barbs?
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<Haragorn_> maybe
<Haragorn_> I don't know
<Gojoe> ill try it
<Haragorn_> you might have to attack, and then heal, and then attack
<Gojoe> ill go north west with my warrior
<Haragorn_> ... 005017.jpg
<Haragorn_> ... 005033.jpg
<Gojoe> we will have to pick this up when I get home
<Haragorn_> okay

There aren't any new settlers yet.
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