Borken Telephone

"truly epic ... just such a great album!"

"dazzling wordplay ... an excellent nerd rock record" -Dork Shelf

Borken Telephone is an album of funny, poignant songs for real-life situations: like when your robot falls in love with you or your game of broken telephone accidentally summons an ancient cosmic evil. It's also a massive songwriting experiment ft. the world's geekiest musicians.

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What is Borken Telephone?

What if a philosopher used epistemology to kill zombies? What if you wanted to get a love note to the N.S.A.? Rock, Paper, Cynic's debut album asks the pointless questions so you don't have to, slinging songs about philosophy, cryptography, video games and more.

The album ends with an epic game of musical broken telephone: 17 musicians rewriting new versions of the same song in a continuous sequence. The catch? Each artist created their own version after hearing the previous artist's version only ONCE. The result? Gleeful music mayhem.

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Guest Musicians and Experiment Participants

Who is Rock, Paper, Cynic?

Rock, Paper, Cynic is the geek webcomic and music project of Peter Chiykowski! His work won the Aurora Award for Best Graphic Novel and his comics and hijinks have appeared in places like Entertainment Weekly, MTV, The AV Club, Buzzfeed and Newsweek.

His music blends comedy and emotional poignancy in unconventional ways, and covers all kinds of geeky topics. Borken Telephone is Peter's first album.

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Geek Musician Trading Cards

Copies of the album purchased through Bandcamp or the RPC store come with one full-colour trading card featuring one of 18 geek musicians associated with the project.