a vampire explains the difference between a homophone and homonym to an obnoxious paranormal investigator by way of a truly horrific pun


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Obnoxious Paranormal Investigator and the Case of the Homophone Vampire

First of all, yes, I know that all homonyms are technically homophones, but that would be boring to explain as a comic.

Awwww! I feel kind of bad for the Homonym Vampire and his very silly power! He doesn't explain it in this comic, but he's a close relative of the Homophone Vampire (sometimes called the Heterograph Vampire).

I feel like I could do some more work with linguistics/grammar jokes and supernatural creatures. Like exploring the family tree of the Interrogative Wherewolf: the Whenwolf, the Whatwolf, the Whowolf, the Whichwolf, and the lesser-known Whitherwolf (among others).

...actually, I think I will do that. Now to begin brainstorming!

EDIT: Okay, I've named this character The Obnoxious Paranormal Investigator and he is going to be serialized.