Peter explains how he started drawing comics when he was 7 and how he really hasn't grown up all that much


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Why I Still Write Comics Like a 7-Year-Old

I friggin' love making comics. I've been doing it since was seven years old and I plan to keep on writing comics until they nail my coffin shut and possibly even after CAN GHOSTS EVEN WRITE COMICS I DON'T KNOW!?

That's why Patreon is so exciting for me. Patreon gives me a way to share my most exciting work with my biggest fans. You can sign up to donate $1 or $2 or $5 a month to help me produce awesome art that we can share with thousands of people. And also get yourself some sweet rewards in return.

I would really appreciate if you had a moment to visit my Patreon page or watch my admittedly ridiculous Patreon video.

If you can offer any support, that would be amazing! If you can't, that's totally cool too! I really appreciate you stopping by to read!