we take a look at the plot of the new Jurassic park movie and predict exactly what the big monster reveal is


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I'm 99% sure I just called the entire plot of the new Jurassic Park movie

I am immensely confused by the new Jurassic World trailer. Dinosaurs are badass and awesome as it is. Why do you have to make super-duper-genetic dinosaurs to re-hype the franchise?

Jurassic Park was so interesting because the concept of a dinosaur theme park teetered on the edge of scientific hubris. We all wanted to believe it might be possible. We were stakeholders in this scientific vision gone awry. We were on the island with them.

From what I can tell of Jurassic World, all that subtlety is gone. It's about DURR HURR LETS MAKE A SUPER MONSTER O NO ITS ATTACKING

The CGI looks beyond gorgeous, but I have very little interest in the story of Jurassic World so far. But hopefully I'm just being an overactive curmudgeon and I'm overriding the 3-minute trailer.