we all have taken Netflix as a live-in lover or roommate, just lean back and accept it


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Whenever friends cancel plans on me, I know it's 'cause of Netflix

I enjoy working with Aaron SO MUCH! You might start seeing a little more of his work around the site!

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Also, you might enjoy checking out my music video for I Don’t Need You (I’ve Got Netflix)! There’s a live version and a session I recorded with Tico Souza.

This song’s going to be on my new Kickstarter album, Borken Telephone. If you have a chance, please go check it out!

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  • HAMILTON, ON - Performing July 29 @ ConBravo w/ Jake Kalbhenn
  • HAMILTON, ON - Appearing July 28-30 @ ConBravo
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  • TORONTO, ON - Appearing Aug 31-Sep 3 @ Fan Expo
  • EDMONTON, AB - Appearing Sep 22-24 @ Edmonton Comic Expo
  • VANCOUVER, BC - Appearing Nov 10-12 @ Fan Expo