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Welcome to Little Worlds (and thanks for checking us out!). We really hope you'll like reading through our online comic (yeah, Little Worlds is a comic)! Little Worlds is a "dreampunk" photographic novel (a comic where dreams and dream-like features show up frequently and aggressively) that we photograph in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. You can read the whole thing here for free.

The "we" that we keep mentioning means our little team of un-little people who produce the comic. Because we needed to choose a name, we decided to go with "DreamPunk Industries." All the proceeds of this comic, after covering the basic costs of operation, are going to fund the Canada-based international charity, Free the Children.

Fun things to do on Little Worlds:

  1. Be awesome DONE!
  2. Read the comic from the beginning
  3. See how we make the comic
  4. Check out the ads from our sponsors (you can see the skyscraper ad to the left!), whose money is going to covering the costs of the comic and supporting an international charity
  5. Browse the store (proceeds go to the same charity)
  6. Chew the fat in our forum, hosted by Rock, Paper, Cynic, a webcomic by the head writer of Little Worlds
  7. Share us with people you know (this is super-duper helpful)
  8. Email us with your thoughts at
Everytime you tell someone about our project you get one more person in on supporting an international charity, which is just a wickedly productive way to read. In technical parlance, sharing is "pretty f**king cool."

Oh, right, and we should mention that the comic does use some (but not a lot of) profanity, and contains some violence. We hope you're cool with that.

Right, so, read the comic now?