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Little Worlds is a "dreampunk" (fantastical urban version of steampunk) graphic story told through writers, actors, and photographers in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada!). All proceeds of the comic go to Free the Children after covering basic costs of operation.

Peter Chiykowski, a swanky fellow

Peter Chiykowski

Peter writes little worlds, takes some of the photos, designs/processes the pages, and runs the day-to-day aspects of the site. He started the comic as a pencil and paper role-playing game, which may eventually be available to readers. When he's not writing Little Worlds, he studies full-time at Dalhousie University writes Rock, Paper, Cynic, and laughs in the faces of co-ordinating conjunctions.

Philip Saaltink, a candy-corn vampire

Philip Saaltink

Phil acts as lead photographer for Little Worlds, writes the production blog and is always around for creative consulting. It is a little known fact that by night he is the candy-corn vampire who feeds on licorice all-sorts and the souls of people who fear the Dutch. When he's not shooting for Little Worlds he games under the handle "Gallium Arsenide," and studies as an information systems specialist.

Ben Thompson, a professional maniac

Ben Thomspon

Ben Thomspon plays Derby, one of the main characters of the Little Worlds story. He's also a creative consultant for the writing. Let's not forget that he was the first play-testers of the Little Worlds role-playing game, and he helped determine many of the mechanics. In his free time he throws large, wasteful cars at other larger, more wasteful cars. he does not collect fear. Who told you that?

Dani Pacey, a force of nature

Dani Pacey

Dani plays Lev in Little Worlds, and actually created Lev's character on her own during the early stages of the Little Worlds RPG. She also contributes creatively to the story. Beyond the project she's a History of Science and Technology major. Few people now that Dani discovered evolution before Darwin, but didn't have the heart to tell him. rumour has it that she ate the "missing link."

Aaron Baltz, a probable pirate

Aaron Baltz

Aaron Baltz plays the Duke and has a hand in the creative direction of the writing. He appears in character in the forums. Some of his posts are adapted for dialog (and some of his dialog is adapted for posts too). His rugged looks have been responsible for countless swoonings and numerous sedcutions. He studies English, Contemporary Studies and Piracy at University of King's College.

Ryan Lum, an electric guitar?

Ryan Lum

Ryan plays Eightball in the comic, and drums in real life. He studies at the University of King's College, and is allegedly a Transformer in disguise. Locals whisper that his true form is an electric guitar.

Ethan Mombourquette, a sex magnet

Ethan Mombourquette

Ethan has been a frequent musical guest on Rock, Paper, Cynic (he plays the sax on "Raising Cain" and "The Philosophical Zombie Slayer"). On Little Worlds he plays the part of the Accountant and the flirt.

Lis Kleven, a knitting needle ninja

Lis Kleven

Elisabeth designed the first draft of the website (since revised), the store, and the RSS feed. She knits too. Oh boy does she knit. I once saw her perform renal surgery with a needle, and then knit a working kidney for the patient. IKNOWRIGHT?

Jasmine Minoza, made of things?

Jasmine Minoza

Jasmine takes a lot of the process shots, and some of her pictures end up in the comic. Her hobbies include reading things, watching things, hugging puppies, and scaring children who are too loud or too around.