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So, as you probably know by now, the proceeds of this comic, after covering the basic costs of operation, are going to fund the Canada-based international charity, Free the Children. Free the Children builds schools in developing countries (among other projects), which is totally awesome on multiple levels.

Anyway, there a whole bunch of things you can do to help out without any personal cost:

  1. Got a blog, a website, an online community, or a Facebook account? Share us with people you know!
  2. Share us by word of mouth too, if'n you know fleshy peoples
  3. Check out the ads from our sponsors (you can see the skyscraper ad to the left!), whose money is going toward Free the Children
  4. Help transcribe the comic

Seriously, I can't stress how awesome it is when you share webcomics (not just ours!) with friends, especially with friends who don't already read webcomics. Bringing new people into the online community of writers, artists, and readers, is a win-win-win situation. When you plug Little Worlds, you're helping an international charity, supporting independent artists, and having a wicked-fun time! It's basically the coolest thing ever. You can also share us through nifty sites like, Facebook, StumbleUpon, or Reddit!

Oh, and there's a few things you can do if you have a bit of spare cash:

  1. Browse the store (proceeds go to Free the Children)
  2. Advertise on Little Worlds through project wonderful.